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Full Court 21

When I heard that Full Court 21 – a basketball tournament that celebrates outdoor basketball culture was coming to Halifax, I had to get involved. I love playing basketball. I particularly love playing a version of basketball known as “streetball", where style and toughness go hand-in-hand. To me, street ball is more than a sport – it's an art-form. I was overlooked when it came to high school basketball but I would eventually make it onto the team and went on to play a small role on Bermuda College's team. Even though I made those teams, I wasn't happy with my contribution as a player. Where I did shine, was on the weekend, with my brother, tearing up some of...

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Be Glitterati -vs- Art Pays Me

In 2006, my girlfriend (now wife) helped me found Glitterati Communications as a freelance graphic design consultancy. By 2010, I found myself wanting to have more independence than client consulting allows and was searching for a project where I had complete control. That project was Be Glitterati. Building the Be Glitterati brand has been a fun and creatively fulfilling ride, but in recent months I’ve struggled with its identity and where it should go in the future.

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