Changing the Narrative Podcast

A podcast born out of an all too familiar frustration; navigating life as an aspiring creative. How do you pay the bills? How do you grow? How did you get anywhere in this city? Well, Duane Jones, Lauren Sears and Terrence Taylor are set to give you a raw, unfiltered look at their journey. The trio’s new podcast, Changing the Narrative (CTN) seeks to shine a light on life as a creative, and provide an open forum for conversation about various topics through their eyes.

This week we share the second half of our conversation with musician, Kayo. After 3 hours of chatter, we were tired and decided to relax and have some fun! Listen to our foolery as well as the pros and cons of being an independent or signed artist.

  • 3:00 - Introducing our guest: Kayo
  • 7:28 - Where do you get pizza at Pizza Corner?
  • 8:53 - The Breakfast Club
  • 10:45 - 11 minutes in and still haven't introduced the topics
  • 15:20 - Matt Whitman returns again during the weekly recap
  • 20:25 - What will happen when cannabis becomes legal?
  • 25:45 - Someone pissed Terrence off
  • 28:53 - "LoLo means penis in St. Lucia"
  • 30:36 - Who is Yogi the Producer?
  • 32:50 - Independent artists Vs. Signing to a "Label"