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Black Renaissance T-Shirt Gold
Black Renaissance T-Shirt Gold shot by Aaron Downey at Moments In Culture
Black Renaissance T-Shirt Gold shot by Lens Method at Moments In Culture

Black Renaissance T-Shirt Gold

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When I was in university, we spent a lot of time learning about the European Renaissance that spawned many of the artistic "greats" that are celebrated today. This was a time when Europe as a whole made many strides culturally, artistically and scientifically. We are in a cultural moment where Black people around the world are simultaneously coming into their own in much of the same way.

The colours, red black and green represent Pan-Africanism which symbolizes strength and solidarity between people of African descent around the world. I believe that we are in the middle of a Pan-African (Black) Creative Renaissance and this shirt is an acknowledgement of that. 



50% cotton 50% polyester

Product care
Wash inside-out in cold or warm water and hang-dry. Avoid ironing directly onto the print.