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Boma Nnaji

On this special episode I chat with artist Boma Nnaji. I've followed Boma on Instagram for a while but never had a chance to talk to him until we were paired up in the Visual Arts Nova Scotia Mentorship Program. We talk about his paintings, the motivation behind his work and the role gallery representation plays in his career.

Boma Online

Boma Nnaji painting of Viola Desmond
Boma Nnaji painting of a street sceneBoma Nnaji painting of 2PacBoma Nnaji painting of Erica BaduBoma Nnaji painting of Wendy Poistras in Chetelaine MagazineBoma Nnaji painting of a lionBoma Nnaji digital family portraitBoma Nnaji painting of African womenBoma Nnaji architectural drawing

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