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Tina Essmaker

Tina Essmaker is a Coach, Writer and Speaker who I credit with being one of the biggest inspirations for this podcast and my creative journey. Tina, together with her former husband and business partner cofounded an online publication called The Great Discontent, that featured in-depth conversations with highly respected creatives of various disciplines. I was able to discover leaders in the field while also relating to them on a human level. Reading their stories helped me to believe that my creative goals were possible to achieve and I hope to continue that legacy with this podcast. Tina’s career has now shifted, but in a lot of ways has come full-circle. In this episode, we talked about Tina’s current role as a coach for creative professionals, making transitions in a career and aging as a creative. I even got some business advice at the end!

Tina Online

Tina EssmakerTina EssmakerTina Essmaker
Photo credits: Carli Rene

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