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Fabienne Colas

This episode is an artist talk hosted by me and facilitated by the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCADU) and Anna Leonowens Gallery. The talk is by their first virtual Visiting Artist in Residence in Film and Media Studies, Fabienne Colas. Fabienne talks about her journey from Haiti to Canada, creating 9 successful film festivals, being named one of Canada’s top 100 most powerful women in 2019 and listed as one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40 in 2018 for her achievements in business. Shortly after this was recorded I found out that Fabienne would be joining me as a colleague on the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design’s Board of Governors. Thank you to Melanie Colosimo, NSCADU and the Anna Leonowens Gallery for making this event happen.

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Jen Meza

143 - Koumbie, Creative Nova Scotia Emerging Artist Award Winner

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