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Frances Dorsey, Established Artist Recognition Award

Welcome to a special series of Art Pays Me interviews with the winners of the 2022 Creative Nova Scotia Awards. The awards are presented annually by Arts Nova Scotia and the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council. 

The goal is to celebrate excellence in artistic achievement – notably, the Portia White Prize. Winners of the Prix Grand Pré, the Established Artist, Emerging Artist, Indigenous Artist Recognition and Black Artist Recognition awards as well as the Creative Community Impact Award are also honoured. Collectively, the awards are worth $75,000.

Visit to nominate a Nova Scotia based artist or apply for awards and grants for yourself.

On this episode, I speak with Creative Nova Scotia Established Artist Recognition Award Winner Frances Dorsey. You might remember Frances from our Craft Pays Me series. Frances is primarily a fibre based artist whose work is very much informed by – and in some instances in collaboration with nature. We discuss how her fascination with plant life both under and above ground impacts her practice and how it feels to be acknowledged for her work. 

Art Pays Me is a production of Glitterati Communications. This award series is co-produced by Heist and Keke Beatz Films.

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STORRY - Press Photo - 2022 - by Karimah Zakia Issa

STORRY, Singer-songwriter

Julien Matwawana, Executive Director of ANSMA

ANSMA, Community Impact Award

Tonya “Sam’Gwan” Paris, Black Artist Recognition Award

Tonya “Sam’Gwan” Paris, Black Artist Recognition Award