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Liz Mac

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In episode 4 of Art Pays Me I spoke with illustrator, Liz Mac.

  • Liz opened up about how negative feedback at NSCAD Portfolio day led her to believe she didn’t have what it took to be a professional artist and how a serious accident led her back to art.
  • How her past jobs help her today as a freelance artist.
  • Why working with creative collectives like E3C, attending and speaking at conferences can be important
  • The struggle of having multiple creative interests
  • How she helped her career by building a strong personal brand and how her rockstar dad Kevin MacMichael of Cutting Crew influenced it.
  • How she charges for projects and why what you charge impacts the industry as a whole.
  • Liz’s biggest piece of advice for artists: Put yourself in front of people.
  • Liz on the web
  • Liz on Instagram
  • Liz on Twitter

Some of Liz's Work

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