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I chat with hip hop artist Maje about his passion for music, how winning $10,000 in the Viola Desmond Singing/Songwriting Competition simultaneously made his mother a believer and proved to himself that it’s possible to make money from music. We discussed the importance of having systems in place to help hip hop artists grow, spending time in Atlanta to make music, his involvement with Spotify Secret Genius and what he learned from working with fellow artist Kayo while there. He also talked about the importance of stepping away from performing to give himself time to create.

This interview was recorded live and made possible by Atlantic Podcast Summit and Halifax Pop Explosion. Shout out to the other podcasts on the bill – Ruth from Optimistically Depressed, Lindsay and Sarah from Momgasm and Jordan from Nighttime Podcast. Also shoutout to Sean McMullen for capturing some great photos of us on stage and Melissa McMaster for helping me prep for the interview.

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Interview Video

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