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SMDH 2018

This episode is a recording of a podcasting panel that I spoke on during Social Media Day Halifax 2018. It took place before this podcast existed and I was still co-host of Changing the Narrative but I’m sharing it because I think that information is valuable and still holds up.

The panel featured – Mike Tanner Digital Story Teller and Branding Specialist – Erin Trafford, Marketing Strategist and guest from episode 13 and yours truly, Duane Jones. It was hosted by Stacy Maynard who is an expert LinkedIn Training.

All of us are experienced podcasters, with different approaches to how we do it so if you’re considering starting a podcast this episode will be a great one for you.

We talked about:

  • Why we started podcasting
  • What our podcasting setups look like from a technical standpoint
  • Our opinions on the ideal podcast length and structure
  • The importance of understanding your audience
  • What the main thing you need to do well if you want a successful podcast.


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Erin Trafford

Erin Trafford

143 - Koumbie, Creative Nova Scotia Emerging Artist Award Winner

Beau Cleeton Art Pays Me

Beau Cleeton