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Art Pays Bria

Bria Miller. People of all types should have access to art. It doesn't have to be pretentious. It's healing.

I love the internet but there’s nothing like connecting with people in real life – something I want to make a habit of more in 2017. It feels like Halifax is going through a creative renaissance right now due to the diversity of amazingly talented makers across multiple mediums sharing their work. I've met a number of them and it’s not fair to keep their dopeness to myself so I’ll be sharing them with you in a series that I’m tentatively calling Art Pays. 

The first person I’m sharing is Yarmouth born visual artist and musician Bria Miller.

I first came across Bria and her work on Instagram. What I found intriguing about Bria is the vulnerability in her work. It makes  me feel like I know who she is under the surface. From the food she enjoys, to the challenges faced by women, queer folk and people of colour it’s all covered. The art establishment makes art precious to justify it’s cost but Bria cares more about making art that’s financially and physically accessible by selling her work in the form of stickers, murals, illustrations, crafts and screen-prints.

To learn more about Bria, visit her website.

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