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Atlantic Fashion Week 12

Last month I presented during Atlantic Fashion Week for the 3rd time. It was a great experience that introduced Art Pays Me to a number of new people. The title of my collection was Purpose. Purpose was inspired by people who work to improve society, even when it means putting their careers and safety at risk. Here are some runway photos from the event taken by Brent McCombs. Makeup by Elle Munster and Kiara Ardelli. Hair by HDC.

Purpose Tee

Purpose Profit long sleeve Tee Black

Moments Flannel

Logo Tee White

Logo Sweater Black and Logo Dad Hat

Logo Sweater Red

Embroidered Logo Hoodie Black

Logo Hoodie White

Embroidered A Tee, Moments Flannel and APM logo hat

Stroke Logo Tank Black

Stroke Logo Tee Black

Women Tank Black

Women Of Colour Tee Black

Women of Colour Tee White

Gender Tee Black

Art School Dropout Long Sleeve Tee

Woke Tee

Woke Sleep Long Sleeve Tee

Eye Sleep Tee Black

Fuck H&M Tee and Purpose Profit Long Sleeve Tee White

Our Experience Long Sleeve Tee

Unceded Territory Long Sleeve Tee

Unapologetic Long Sleeve Tee

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