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Halifax Fashion Week 2023 written on a black background

Halifax Fashion Week 2023 Update

We were excited to present in the first Halifax Fashion Week hosted by Soli Productions but due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to withdraw.
Halifax Fashion Week 2023

Halifax Fashion Week 2023 (This is Us)

Join us for the closing showcase of Halifax Fashion Week 2023, an expansion of Soli Productions’s successful “This is Us” event that has captivated audiences for three years.
A young Black woman walks a fashion runway wearing a white t-shirt

This Is Us Fashion Show

This Is Us is an annual presentation hosted by Soli Productions to showcase their models while also celebrating art, design and fashion. 
Art Pays Me Finale

INVEST in NEST 2022 Photos

INVEST In NEST was a group fashion show fundraiser presented by One North End Community Economic...
Art Pays Me NEST promo image

Fabric Of Our DNA 2022 - INVEST in NEST

Like most of us, I’ve been laying pretty low for the past couple of years so I’m excited to show you some of the clothing I’ve been working on in person.