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Woke Collection at Atlantic Fashion Week

Inspired by social unrest, this collection celebrates creative empowerment while encouraging social awareness. Photos by AlterEgo Photography.

Kyla, Art Pays

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Solitha, Fear of a Black Scotia

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Rachel, Art Pays Me

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Elizabeth, Different

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Laura, A

But the A Sweater, White


Niklas, A

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Cassidy, A hoodie

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Fieni-eni, A

Buy The A Tee, White


Fabrice, Eye

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Christelle, Stay Woke

Buy the Stay Woke Tee, White


Sheena, Woke

But the Woke Sweater


Mikayla, Woke

Buy the Woke Hoodie


Catherine, Stay Woke

Stay Woke Tee Black


Lorenzo, Art
Buy the Art Director Sweater, Minimal


Hani, Art Pays Me


Schneider, Art Pays Me


Amanda, Art Pays Me

Buy the Art Pays Me Sweater, Marled Black


Solitha, Art

Art Pays Me Finale, Atlantic Fashion Week

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Woke. A Fashion Show by Art Pays Me.

Get Woke at Atlantic Fashion Week

Halifax Fashion Week 2023 written on a black background

Halifax Fashion Week 2023 Update

Hi 2017. Bye 2016.