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Art Pays Me Podcast New and Noteworthy on iTunes

New & Noteworthy on iTunes

Art Pays Me Podcast made it to the New & Noteworthy section of Visual Arts podcasts in the iTunes store.
Art Pays Me Podcast cover featuring, host Duane Jones. Photo by Alex Pearson.

Art Pays Me Podcast

I'm excited to introduce the first episode of the Art Pays Me Podcast!
Podcamp Halifax

Duane at Podcamp Halifax 2019

An inspirational case study on the power of creativity and why the artist mindset is critical to success in business.
Art Pays Me's best moments from 2018

My Favourite Art Pays Me Moments of 2018

2018 was an incredible year for Art Pays Me. My best year to date actually. I say that, not because I made more money than I ever have, but because I've made more impact than I ever have.
Purpose Collection at Atlantic Fashion Week

Atlantic Fashion Week 12

After witnessing people like Colin Kaepernick, Emma Gonzales, Tarana Burke, El Jones and Masuma Kahn risk their economic futures and physical safety to stand behind strong messages of social change, I designed the Purpose Collection to celebrate their efforts. 

Changing the Narrative Episode 50

CTN Episode 50: Best Moments of Year 1 Featuring Peter Hemsworth

Happy 1 year anniversary to CTN! Yooooo! In this week’s episode, Peter Hemsworth, the one and only - join Duane, Lauren and Terrence for a recap of each episode and our favourite moments so far! 
Royal Purpose

Royal Purpose

Peter Hemsworth of BZLY and I share some candid insights into how we prepared for Atlantic Fashion Week 12. 
Changing the Narrative episode 43

CTN Episode 43: Feminine Strength & Atlantic Fashion Week Ft. Jody Euloth

This week on Changing the Narrative we invite Mesh Media Network founder Jody Euloth to the show to talk about pitching your business, retired athlete life and of course, Atlantic Fashion Week.
Changing the Narrative Episode 42

CTN EPISODE 42: Black Excellence Part 3 FT. ALFRED BURGESSON

We conclude our three-part conversation with entrepreneur Alfred Burgesson. We talk eating dinner as a family, empowering ourselves to have control of your experiences, educating our children on "blackness", perceived blackness in Nova Scotia, black men dating white women and more!
CtN episode 41

CTN Episode 41: The Autobiography of Alfred Burgesson ft. Alfred Burgesson

We talk about Alfred's experience moving to Canada from Ghana, the Halifax Grammar School, almost dropping out of university, quitting basketball to follow his passions, starting a digital media company and building successful business stories in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

CTN Episode 40: Black Excellence Pt. 2 Featuring Alfred Burgesson

CTN Episode 40: Black Excellence Pt. 2 Featuring Alfred Burgesson

We continue with part 2 of our Black Excellence conversation with Alfred Burgesson to discuss s...
Changing the Narrative Episode 39

CTN Episode 39: The CGS Squad Is In the Building Featuring Joseph Huyer

On this week's episode, Lauren and Terrence chat with The Social Shift Documentary filmmaker and fellow member of the Common Good Solutions team, Joseph Huyer. 
Changing the Narrative episode 38

CTN Episode 38: Black Excellence Pt. 1 Featuring Alfred Burgesson

Join Duane, Terrence and friend of the podcast, Alfred Burgesson as we gather for part 1 of 3 of our Nova Scotia Black Excellence convo. How do we support each other?
Snapd Moments In Culture

Snapd – Moments In Culture Photos

Presented by Art Pays Me and Soli Productions Management Inc., Moments In Culture was a night of music, fashion, art and more. 
Moments In Culture in CBC

CBC – Runway show Moments in Culture tackles racism, gender and equality

A local designer and a production company have partnered to launch a runway show called Moments in Culture to tackle racism and gender roles through art.

Duane Q+A in The Coast

Q+A In The Coast

Duane Jones has been making conversation-starting streetwear under the label Art Pays Me for years, but this Saturday he’s trying something new: His first solo fashion show, a high-concept project titled Moments In Culture, that sees a departure from pieces like his WuTang-inspired t-shirts.
Changing the Narrative Episode 37 Cover

CTN Episode 37: Male Plastic Surgery

This week we catch our feet after some technical difficulties to talk men getting new hairlines, professional sports in Halifax and Lauren's cousins in Crazy Rich Asians.

Fashion Canadiana

Fashion Canadiana

My interview with Vanessa Petey of Fashion Canadiana to discuss my creative background, reason for moving to Halifax from Bermuda and my solo show, Moments In Culture.
Eman El-Husseini in Art Pays Me on CBC

Art Pays Eman

Eman exemplifies so much of what I stand for as an artist and what Art Pays Me stands for as a brand. I was thrilled when this footage of her wearing my Art Pays Tank was forward to me!
Changing the Narrative Episode 36

CTN Episode 36: Around The Corner

After two weeks of chaos, the crew is back to catch up and talk sex, dating and slow jams! We talk about Duane's family adventure to PEI, Lauren's preparation for Scotland and Terrence’s Toronto stories!
Changing the Narrative Hoodie

New Product: CTN Hoodie

Official merchandise for the Changing the Narrative Podcast.
Atlantic Fashion Week

Art Pays Me At Atlantic Fashion Week 12

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be presenting at Atlantic Fashion Week 12.
Art School Dropout Long Sleeve Tee

Art School Dropout Long Sleeve Tee

The inspiration for Art School Dropout came from the brilliant artists who have limited or no formal training but have loads of talent and hustle.
Black Panther Painting

New Product: Black Panther Painting

Black Panther painting from my Moments In Culture collection.
Best of Halifax 2018

Best Of Halifax 2018

I was nominated for Best Fashion Designer in The Coast's Best Of Halifax 2018 Awards and my podcast, Changing the Narrative is up for Best Podcast
Changing the Narrative Episode 35

CTN Episode 35, Featuring Will Strickland

This week on Changing the Narrative, we welcome the legendary Will Strickland to talk hoops, music and more!
Changing The Narrative Episode 34 Featuring Cazhhmere

Changing The Narrative Episode 34 Featuring Cazhhmere

This week on Changing the Narrative we chat with Haligonian storyteller and director Cazhhmere live at Common Good Solutions. 
Moments Flannel worn by Tyree

New Product: Moments Flannel

Red and black long sleeved flannel top with a print on the back representing the many moments in culture that inspired my 2018 collection now available in the shop! 
Is It a Business Or A Hobby

Is It a Business Or A Hobby

f your business isn't making money, can you call it a business? This week, Peter Hemsworth joins to challenge the BZLY, Art Pays Me and Terrence Taylor brand and business models. What's working? What's not?
CTN Live featuring Cazhhmere

Culture Clash: CTN Live

A live recording of Changing the Narrative with special guest: Award winning film director, Cazhhmere.
The Paradigms of Love

The Paradigms of Love

This week we dig into the Rap Radar Podcast interview with Will Smith and discuss love in relationships.
Civil Unity Art Showcase

Civil Unity Art Showcase

2Cream2Sugar is proud to announce their first East Coast event, Civil Unity! They are partnering up with The Daily Grind to bring you a night of coming together as citizens of the creative community. 


I was introduced to Lance by the wonderful Kate and Emma of The Magic Project. They invited us to speak on a public panel discussion about some of the challenges of being a Black male in Halifax. I was re-introduced to Lance as aquakultre shortly after, when he performed as part of the event. I was blown away by his presence as a performer his voice and his ability to make music that feels commercial yet raw enough that the streets will still f*ck with it. With a major co-sign from CBC, when he was selected as the winner of Searchlight 2018, he'll get a chance to share his voice with a much larger audience. Follow the drip!