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Beau Cleeton

On episode 15 I interview Beau Cleeton, a Product Developer, Artist and the CEO of rolling paper company, Canadian Lumber. We challenge the commonly held belief that artists can’t or shouldn’t be business people.

We talked about how Canadian Lumber came to be a leader in the Canadian rolling paper industry, its business model and how Beau’s passion for Cannabis helped him first identity, then capitalize on a hole in the market.

We talked about how Beau used his time at the Nova Scotia College Of Art and Design to amass an eclectic skill set that’s helped him in his career.

I share the story of how Beau and his team at Napkin (Beau’s former creative agency) helped me to develop Art Pays Me into the brand it is today.

This is the longest episode so far but a great one for artists wondering if they have what it takes to run a business.

Find out more about Beau and Canadian Lumber:

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