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Omar Gandhi, Architect

On this episode I chat with my friend – Architect, Omar Gandhi about how we met, what it’s like receiving global accolades for your work and why he values keeping his practice small.

We also talk about winning the bid to design large cultural institutions like the new building for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and why smaller projects like the Blue House are just as, if not more important.  

When I first started this podcast, Omar was one of the first people I wanted to speak to. He told me that he was down to do the show but I admit that I was too intimidated to lock him in for an interview.

I’m excited to finally have him on! See what Omar’s up to on Instagram.

OG - North End Community Health Centre (Blue House) - Julian Parkinson

Jib House


OG House

Peggys Cove

Prime Seafood

Rabbit Snare

Sluice Point

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Waants, Artist and Producer

143 - Koumbie, Creative Nova Scotia Emerging Artist Award Winner

Models in t-shirts walking a runway

Glitterati Returns