About Art Pays Me

Creativity is powerful, misunderstood and undervalued.

Through graphic apparel and products, Art Pays Me celebrates the people who use creativity in business, art and social good.

Founder - Duane Jones 

Duane Jones finale walk at Atlantic Fashion Week 10

Photo by Mike Swiech

I was born in Bermuda and moved to Halifax at age 19 to pursue a degree in Communication Design at the Nova Scotia Scotia College of Art and Design. I've been a professional artist, graphic designer and information manager since graduating from NSCAD in 2004. 

My approach to fashion is heavily influenced by my communication design background and Art Pays Me is a reaction to my frustration with the general lack of fair compensation in the creative industry. I also use the brand as a medium to express my concerns with issues around equality, hoping that it inspires self reflection and social change.


I use the highest quality products from ethically conscious suppliers based in North America and beyond. All of my design, printing and embroidery is done in the Canadian Maritimes.