About APM

We design clothing for the creative and woke. We represent artists, designers, writers and everyone in between who were told that they can't make a living off of their passion. Whether you're in the studio, street or the office, we got you. 

Art Pays Me was founded in 2015 by Duane Jones in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Founder Bio 

Duane Jones finale walk at Atlantic Fashion Week 10

Photo by Mike Swiech

Duane was born and raised in Bermuda and moved to Halifax to pursue a degree in Communication Design at the Nova Scotia Scotia College of Art and Design. He's worked as an artist and designer since graduating from NSCAD in 2004.

Comic book art influenced a lot of Duane's early creative work but later in life, hip hop and Swiss design would also have an impact. These days, Duane is a strong advocate for mental health and social justice for underrepresented groups in society.

Interviews and Mentions in the Press