Hangama Amiri

Painter, Video Artist and Textile Artist and Yale School Of Art student, Hangama Amiri chatted with me about the powerful statements in her art. She shares why her Afghan heritage is an influence on her work and we bond over the fact that we’re both immigrants who juggle multiple identities.

Hangama offers some advice about pricing art and I share the story of the first time I sold a painting. Hangama’s focus and confidence in who she is as an artist is palpable. This is a great episode for people who are interested in what it’s like to pursue a career in fine art.

Hangama Online:

Hangama with her paintings at Art Gallery Of Nova Scotia

Hangama Amiri at Art Gallery Of Nova Scotia



Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering about that.

C. Wellman

I am distracted by the background “noise”. I am certain that this Podcast is as interesting as previous ones, Duane but it’d help if you’d use an omni directional mic that minimizes background clutter.

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