Black Family Matters

On this special episode, my wife, Natasha Nurse-Jones and I talk about some of her experience as a Black educator and our experience with anti-Black racism.



This is a very special conversation on your podcast; thank you both for doing this. Your candour and honesty about your experiences growing up, and in your professions, and now in the context of recent events are really important. You lay out a road map of how we need to change.

David & Yolanda

Listened to your Black Family Matters podcast today. The message is clear and we hope that your insights resonate with your listeners and encourage them to continue this important conversation. It is encouraging to see your generation using their modern methods of communicating for honorable purposes. It is time now for serious changes to be made. The status quo is not acceptable. People can be encouraged to examine their personal biases and “see with better eyes” to make positive changes in their world. If everyone does this, The World becomes a better place for all.

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