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On this solo episode, I share the story of a potential client project that didn’t pan out and why the way I was approached left me feeling uncomfortable. I recorded this episode while walking my dog on a beach in PEI and you can hear me gradually get more out of breath as the episode goes on. My dog is big and was pulling a lot so I apologize for that! Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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Unfortunately we have a name for that in the UK – the black man’s discount. I worked for a major retailer back in the day and customers would pull that BMD on me if they wanted a slightly cheaper telly…

I also had a client back out at he last minute, in your neck of the woods… MSVU initially agreed to show my lagre art piece which tied into their celebration of Africville. I told them exactly what they needed to display the item, they were happy with it, they emailed me the loan agreements, I signed…. The day I sent the canvas to the post office I get an email saying they “miscommunicated” and weren’t willing to display the piece….
I consider Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Matitimes a spiritual home from home and that last minute back out from a respected university was extremely disappointing.

The “community” is rotten, I’m afraid.

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