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Kimberley Eddy

I had a great conversation with Painter, Kimberley Eddy about, where she grew up, how she went from teacher to full-time painter, her time living in my home country, Bermuda and how it left its mark on her. We dug into why she incorporates the ocean into so much of her work, how that’s become her brand and how she feels about sharing work that’s outside of what she’s most known for. We also talk about how one gets their work recognized by galleries and collectors, being self-taught and the system she uses for pricing her work.

You can find out more about Kimberly on her website.

Some of Kimberley's work

Kimberley Eddy PaintingKimberley Eddy PaintingKimberley Eddy PaintingKimberley Eddy PaintingKimberley Eddy Painting

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