On this solo episode I get into the importance of repetition in my process, why immediate success isn’t always failure, how artists are like athletes and why it’s important to lower expectations.



Hey Stewart. Thanks for listening! Great book recommendations. See you on the court!

Stewart Naylor

Hey Duane I enjoyed the podcast . I am going to suggest a few books for you that that kind to speak to this topic. 1. The Practicing Mind by Thomas M Sterner it talks about staying focused on the process and not the end goal . It also suggest a “ready , fire , Aim” approach look at your results and make corrections as you go. Book 2. Grit by Angela Duckworth most candidates for the Marines don’t make it. When looking at why they discovered that there was no correlation between Talent and success . Something else was at work here. It also talks about how effort counts twice so Talent x effort = skill
Skill x effort =achievement Book 3. is Make It Stick by Peter Brown it looks at the science of how to learn . What really works and what does not. So one concept is the more effort it takes to retrieve something or re learn something the more you will remember it. Spaced practice is better than doing the same thing over and over for an hour . So a baseball player who when practicing has the pitcher vary every single pitch during a practice session will actually do better than the one that ask for 15 curve balls , followed by 15 sliders flowed by etc .

Fun playing ball with you last friday hope to see you at noon hoops sometime

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