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Art Pays Them: Cyber Brats

Cyber Brats X Art Pays Me
Cyber Brats X Art Pays Me
Cyber Brats X Art Pays Me
Cyber Brats X Art Pays Me


From their early years working with broken cameras to studying television production in college, Cyber Brats has spent their life framing fleeting visuals of the world around them.

Both film and photography have been a focus through most of their life, from experimenting with photography, film editing and stop-motion as a teen, to enhancing technical skills with knowledge acquired at school. Cyber brats continues to push these skills while working from their home photo studio in Kjipuktuk / Halifax, Nova Scotia.

With a number of models from all walks of life, Cyber Brats welcomes models of any skill set, and any physical form of being.

Inspired by renaissance art and old Playboy magazines, Cyber Brats sits at the centre of a pentagram of dreamy, soft, kinky, nostalgic, and eccentric art.



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