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Clothing for Girls and Boys

Young Thug and Jaden Smith
Art Pays Me is heavily influenced by what's happening in pop culture. I use Instagram to show what I'm up to visually but I want to spend more time sharing my thoughts in written form to give you more insight into who I am and how my mind works. The first subject I want to comment on the gender bending styles of Jaden Smith and Young Thug.
With the increasing acceptance of gender diversity, I'm noticing a spike in the popularity of gender fluid fashion. This change is particularly noticeable in menswear but I've seen this before. Gender fluid styles in men were popularized by glam rockers of the 70's, the hair metal bands of the 80's and also by individuals like Prince, David Bowie and Boy George. Where gender fluid fashion has mostly come and gone as a fad, I think that it may be here to stay.
It's a beautiful thing, that we now recognize that gender can present itself in many ways. Roles in the home are no longer as gender specific as they used to be as more women take on the role of breadwinner in the family, and more men take on the role of homemaker. The increased presence of transgender women and men on television has made gender identity issues a household conversation. All of these changes are sparking much needed dialogue around how we treat people of various sexual and gender orientations.
I personally admire the bravery of Jaden and Thug for expressing themselves in a way that some aren't ready for. They are forcing the discussion around gender, sexuality and what it means to be a man in this era. Their spitting in the face of the stereotype associated with the hyper masculine black man and rapper. I don't see myself donning a dress anytime soon, but more power to the guys out there living their truth whatever that is.

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