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Purpose Collection at Atlantic Fashion Week

Atlantic Fashion Week 12

After witnessing people like Colin Kaepernick, Emma Gonzales, Tarana Burke, El Jones and Masuma Kahn risk their economic futures and physical safety to stand behind strong messages of social change, I designed the Purpose Collection to celebrate their efforts. 

Royal Purpose

Royal Purpose

Peter Hemsworth of BZLY and I share some candid insights into how we prepared for Atlantic Fashion Week 12. 
Changing the Narrative episode 43

CTN Episode 43: Feminine Strength & Atlantic Fashion Week Ft. Jody Euloth

This week on Changing the Narrative we invite Mesh Media Network founder Jody Euloth to the show to talk about pitching your business, retired athlete life and of course, Atlantic Fashion Week.
Atlantic Fashion Week

Art Pays Me At Atlantic Fashion Week 12

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be presenting at Atlantic Fashion Week 12.
Woke Collection at Atlantic Fashion Week

Woke Collection at Atlantic Fashion Week

Inspired by social unrest, this collection celebrates creative empowerment while encouraging soci...
Woke. A Fashion Show by Art Pays Me.

Get Woke at Atlantic Fashion Week

We'll be presenting a new collection inspired by a lot of the social unrest we've seen in recent...