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Duane on CTV News

Art Pays Me on CTV News Atlantic

Watch Duane share some of why he started Art Pays Me on CTV News Atlantic.
Maje and Duane for the Art Pays Me Podcast

Maje Interview Video


  Art Pays Me live at The Carleton with Maje.
Masuma Khan on Unceded Territory

Not For The Fragile

Masuma Khan X APM
Unceded Territory painting

New Painting: Unceded Territory

A portrait of Nova Scotia, Canada in acrylic paint.
Be Glitterati -vs- Art Pays Me

Be Glitterati -vs- Art Pays Me

In 2006, my girlfriend (now wife) helped me found Glitterati Communications as a freelance graphic design consultancy. By 2010, I found myself wanting to have more independence than client consulting allows and was searching for a project where I had complete control. That project was Be Glitterati. Building the Be Glitterati brand has been a fun and creatively fulfilling ride, but in recent months I’ve struggled with its identity and where it should go in the future.