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I Wish I Was A Real Person 11" x 14" Print

Product info

11" x 14" print of original art by Vere Duane Jones. Printed in Nova Scotia, Canada. Frame not included.

Very limited edition. Each print will be signed and numbered.

About the work

I Wish I Was a Real Person is a play off of the Basquiat quote, “I’m Not a Real Person. I’m a Legend”. When I learned of the immense success and influence he had during his short life, I was baffled as to why he wasn’t more known in mainstream circles. He is both a legend AND a real person – yet art history texts often neglect to mention him.

If you ask someone outside of creative circles to name an important fine artist, they can tell you about Picasso, Warhol or Van Gogh, but if asked to name an important Black artist who isn’t an actor or musician they would be at a loss. This seems to be a common trend with Black fine artists both past and present. This piece represents all Black artists whose narratives and identities have been obscured from art history and contemporary art culture.