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I met Kemmy when he was my barber at a shop called Ascension. He wasn’t as talkative as the other guys but he would pipe in with a sharp verbal jab periodically to get us laughing. Then I later found out he was a NSCAD student and he told me about his interest in customizing sneakers. I’m not a sneaker head so I didn’t feel equipped to offer much feedback on his work but I loved the idea. Fast forward to last year, I wanted to make a statement with my shoes for Atlantic Fashion Week so I asked Kemmy to go nuts and surprise me. 

In this episode we talked about:

  • Where he's from,
  • the shoe design process,
  • how he collects payment,
  • how he promotes his business,
  • the shoes I commissioned him to design,
  • how his time at NSCAD prepared him for his creative career.

Where to find Kemmy:

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