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Art Pays Me Podcast cover featuring, host Duane Jones. Photo by Alex Pearson.

I'm excited to introduce the first episode of the Art Pays Me Podcast! I'm a visual communicator first and foremost but I really enjoy the medium of podcasting. I'm proud of the work that I did while on the Changing the Narrative Podcast but with a family, work and business commitments I wasn't able to contribute at the level that I needed to.

After some soul searching I determined that I still want to share inspirational stories, and introduce you to dope individuals that you might have never heard of. Podcasting on my own is giving me the flexibility to work it into my hectic schedule. My goal with this podcast is to dig into the business strategies that artists and creatives that I admire use to achieve success in their fields.

This intro episode is just little old me talking about my background, what I do and what to expect from the show. I hope you get something out of this!

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Kirsty Cantwell


Hope you’re well.

I just wanted to get in touch to see if you’re currently looking for guests for your podcast? If so, would you be interested in Matt Dowling, founder and CEO of Freelancer Club.

Matt has 10 years’ experience working as a freelance photographer, 15 years advising the self-employed and over 6 years campaigning for the rights of freelancers. Matt has recently launched a campaign to push the government for a better support package for freelancers. We also have case studies who’re happy to share their stories.

I just wondered if you’d be interested in having Matt on to talk about how creatives should never accept unpaid work, even for exposure.

Let me know if this would be of interest to you.

Best wishes,


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