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Duane on The Tideline

Duane on The Tideline

Art Pays Me's founder Duane Jones kicks off the new year with hope and advice as he details his journey from failed accounting student to founder of Halifax's favourite streetwear line.
Art Pays Me Podcast cover featuring, host Duane Jones. Photo by Alex Pearson.

Art Pays Me Podcast

I'm excited to introduce the first episode of the Art Pays Me Podcast!
Purpose Collection at Atlantic Fashion Week

Atlantic Fashion Week 12

After witnessing people like Colin Kaepernick, Emma Gonzales, Tarana Burke, El Jones and Masuma Kahn risk their economic futures and physical safety to stand behind strong messages of social change, I designed the Purpose Collection to celebrate their efforts. 

Changing the Narrative Hoodie

New Product: CTN Hoodie

Official merchandise for the Changing the Narrative Podcast.
Art School Dropout Long Sleeve Tee

Art School Dropout Long Sleeve Tee

The inspiration for Art School Dropout came from the brilliant artists who have limited or no formal training but have loads of talent and hustle.
Moments Flannel worn by Tyree

New Product: Moments Flannel

Red and black long sleeved flannel top with a print on the back representing the many moments in culture that inspired my 2018 collection now available in the shop! 


I was introduced to Lance by the wonderful Kate and Emma of The Magic Project. They invited us to speak on a public panel discussion about some of the challenges of being a Black male in Halifax. I was re-introduced to Lance as aquakultre shortly after, when he performed as part of the event. I was blown away by his presence as a performer his voice and his ability to make music that feels commercial yet raw enough that the streets will still f*ck with it. With a major co-sign from CBC, when he was selected as the winner of Searchlight 2018, he'll get a chance to share his voice with a much larger audience. Follow the drip!

Changing the Narrative: Sales in the Social Media Era

This week on Changing the Narrative we jump back into some entrepreneurial talk with discussion on quality control, process and the different approaches to selling your art.
The Black Affair and Art Pays Me

The Black Affair

The Black Affair Fashion Show is a new showcase event produced by Carmalina Naturals Bath, Body and Hair products.



Ray is an artist in my community who deeply intrigues me. I reached out to her a few months back after being blown away by her makeup posts on Instagram. I wanted to find out a little more about her and what motivates her as artist.
Art Pays Me at The Merch Space

Art Pays Me Available in Bermuda

I'm proud to announce that The Merch Space is the ONLY place to find Art Pays Me in Bermuda!
Changing the Narrative crew.

Introducing Changing the Narrative

A podcast born out of an all too familiar frustration; navigating life as an aspiring creative. 
Gender Tee

Gender Tee Available at The Daily Grind

Visit them at 1479 Birmingham Street in downtown Halifax.
Art Pays Me Tee on Global Toronto

Art Pays Me Tee on Global Toronto

Our APM Geo Paint Tee made an appearance on Global Toronto in a promotion for Martk’d. 
New Product: Gender Tee

New Product: Gender Tee

I present and identify as “traditionally” male but I love that people are challenging what gender means more and more.
New Product: Woke Tee

New Product: Woke Tee

Stay woke in the summer. Get the Woke Tee.
Woke Collection at Atlantic Fashion Week

Woke Collection at Atlantic Fashion Week

Inspired by social unrest, this collection celebrates creative empowerment while encouraging soci...

Full Court 21 Canada Result

Full Court 21 Action captured by The Chronicle Herald   I played hard and did my thing on the ...
Verena Rizg X Art Pays Me

Verena Rizg X Art Pays Me

View our collaboration with the incomparable Verena Rizg.
Be Glitterati -vs- Art Pays Me

Be Glitterati -vs- Art Pays Me

In 2006, my girlfriend (now wife) helped me found Glitterati Communications as a freelance graphic design consultancy. By 2010, I found myself wanting to have more independence than client consulting allows and was searching for a project where I had complete control. That project was Be Glitterati. Building the Be Glitterati brand has been a fun and creatively fulfilling ride, but in recent months I’ve struggled with its identity and where it should go in the future.