Ray wearing the Art Pays Me Toque

Ray is an artist in my community who deeply intrigues me. I reached out to her a few months back after being blown away by her makeup posts on Instagram. I wanted to find out a little more about her and what motivates her as artist. Read below, for the story in her own words.

Does your art pay you? When I'm asked that I don’t think just in the literal, monetary sense. I think does ART PAY ME?

My name is Ray and I am a makeup artist and Beauty Blogger currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have been into makeup for as long as I can remember. I have been practicing makeup for about 8 years and it is definitely my art that pays me in every manner.

My passion for makeup started out as a way for me to transform my ill looking self into someone presentable, due to my developing chronic illnesses. That hunt for a solution lead to the realization that I could completely transform myself, manifested from a small Sephora makeup bag and transformed into the better half of a bedroom where I sit to ponder what I shall create on my face daily.

I enjoy every part of beauty, including skincare which is taking care of the canvas that the art of the day will be placed on. I now have no fear of being stared at with a bare face, as I now know and have implemented the necessary skincare steps needed to correct what I didn’t like.

I started out doing makeup on just myself, but then my peers would notice the subtle but effective differences in the small alterations I made to my complexion, and the next thing you know I found myself taking several bookings for prom makeup not just from my high school, but also from neighbouring schools in the area. It was then that I slowly discerned the calming and relaxing headspace pampering people can put me in.

By teaching them about makeup, and the ways they can enhance their beauty and feel more confident about themselves, it dawned on me that this was definitely a force within me that couldn’t be stopped.

My art brings about a satisfaction to my being physically, mentally and emotionally which can only be evoked by me doing whatever it is that fuels my passion... It does and I love it.

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Hey Ray,
Absolutely amazing! You have incredible talent and gift. I to shear in the world of art through a lifestyle. I hope you continue your work and stay in good health. would love to have the opportunity to meet some day and talk business. My organization is involved in numerous productions, also producing my own, and often look for unique new ideas that give it that wow effect, and my eye can see what you have to put forth.
Stay Strong & Stay True To Your Art

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