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Duane on the Our Guest Is Podcast

Our Guest Is Podcast

Duane shares his story and talks about Art Pays Me on the Our Guest Is Podcast as part of the Our Roots Legacy series by My East Coast Experience.
Duane Mike and Kristen

Mike and Kristen Podcast

Duane candidly shares the realities of being a professional artist and how life experience - like listening to people he disagrees with - can offer inspiration.
Duane on the Freedom Slay Podcast

Duane Visits the Freedom Slay Podcast

Listen to Duane talk about the many hats he wears as an artist and designer on the Freedom Slay Podcast
Duane on The Tideline

Duane on The Tideline

Art Pays Me's founder Duane Jones kicks off the new year with hope and advice as he details his journey from failed accounting student to founder of Halifax's favourite streetwear line.
Duane on Bold Company

Duane Bold Company Interview

I speak to Bold Company host Amy Eaton about some of the very real struggles of running a creative business.
Duane on #BeFlawsome

Duane on #BeFlawsome

Duane on the #BeFlawsome Podcast
Duane on Podstarter

Duane Featured on Podstarter

I had the pleasure of chatting with Rhys Waters on the Podstarter Podcast about why I podcast and how podcasting can add depth to your brand.

Art Pays Me Podcast New and Noteworthy on iTunes

New & Noteworthy on iTunes

Art Pays Me Podcast made it to the New & Noteworthy section of Visual Arts podcasts in the iTunes store.
Art Pays Me Podcast cover featuring, host Duane Jones. Photo by Alex Pearson.

Art Pays Me Podcast

I'm excited to introduce the first episode of the Art Pays Me Podcast!
Changing the Narrative Episode 50

CTN Episode 50: Best Moments of Year 1 Featuring Peter Hemsworth

Happy 1 year anniversary to CTN! Yooooo! In this week’s episode, Peter Hemsworth, the one and only - join Duane, Lauren and Terrence for a recap of each episode and our favourite moments so far! 
Changing the Narrative Episode 42

CTN EPISODE 42: Black Excellence Part 3 FT. ALFRED BURGESSON

We conclude our three-part conversation with entrepreneur Alfred Burgesson. We talk eating dinner as a family, empowering ourselves to have control of your experiences, educating our children on "blackness", perceived blackness in Nova Scotia, black men dating white women and more!
CtN episode 41

CTN Episode 41: The Autobiography of Alfred Burgesson ft. Alfred Burgesson

We talk about Alfred's experience moving to Canada from Ghana, the Halifax Grammar School, almost dropping out of university, quitting basketball to follow his passions, starting a digital media company and building successful business stories in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

CTN Episode 40: Black Excellence Pt. 2 Featuring Alfred Burgesson

CTN Episode 40: Black Excellence Pt. 2 Featuring Alfred Burgesson

We continue with part 2 of our Black Excellence conversation with Alfred Burgesson to discuss s...
Changing the Narrative episode 38

CTN Episode 38: Black Excellence Pt. 1 Featuring Alfred Burgesson

Join Duane, Terrence and friend of the podcast, Alfred Burgesson as we gather for part 1 of 3 of our Nova Scotia Black Excellence convo. How do we support each other?
Changing the Narrative Episode 37 Cover

CTN Episode 37: Male Plastic Surgery

This week we catch our feet after some technical difficulties to talk men getting new hairlines, professional sports in Halifax and Lauren's cousins in Crazy Rich Asians.

Changing the Narrative Episode 36

CTN Episode 36: Around The Corner

After two weeks of chaos, the crew is back to catch up and talk sex, dating and slow jams! We talk about Duane's family adventure to PEI, Lauren's preparation for Scotland and Terrence’s Toronto stories!
Changing the Narrative Hoodie

New Product: CTN Hoodie

Official merchandise for the Changing the Narrative Podcast.
Changing The Narrative Episode 34 Featuring Cazhhmere

Changing The Narrative Episode 34 Featuring Cazhhmere

This week on Changing the Narrative we chat with Haligonian storyteller and director Cazhhmere live at Common Good Solutions. 

Changing the Narrative: Sales in the Social Media Era

This week on Changing the Narrative we jump back into some entrepreneurial talk with discussion on quality control, process and the different approaches to selling your art.
KeiKaiKoa on Changing the Narrative Podcast

Changing the Narrative: Pixels To People Featuring KeiKaiKoa

This week on Changing the Narrative we talk about our FIRST artist meet-up and welcome the lovely family behind KeiKaiKoa to the podcast to talk about their experiences with bullying, and what we can do to change the narrative.
CTN Space at Good Robot

CTN Space

Changing the Narrative put out an informal call to Halifax creatives that led to us hosting our first successful live event. 
Duane Jones at Podcamp Halifax 2018

Podcamp Halifax 2018

I recently spoke at Podcamp Halifax about how I transitioned my hobby into a business by pursuing purpose AND profit. 
Changing the Narrative crew.

Introducing Changing the Narrative

A podcast born out of an all too familiar frustration; navigating life as an aspiring creative. 
Duane on Revision Path

Duane Featured on The Revision Path Podcast

I had the honour of being interviewed on a podcast called Revision Path that celebrates Black designers.